How to Earn Promotions in AFJROTC

  • According to your Cadet Guide, "Exams and Uniform Wear" are two MAJOR graded areas in this AFJROTC.  This page contains study guides for any exams given in all classes throughout the year.  Use these to study from and you will not only get a good grade in AFJROTC, you'll get promoted through the ranks too!  You will have a mid-term and final exam each quarter in each class. 

    The final exam will help determine if you will be promoted or not.  In order to determine what you need to do to get promoted to the next rank, refer to the MN-941 Cadet Guide.  Then study the study guide and take the exam.   

    Click on the link "Are YOU eligible for a promotion?" to see a copy of the promotion requirements for your rank and the checklist used by your AFJROTC instructors as a quick as a quick way to see if a cadet is promotable to the next rank level or not.  Remember, YOU are the only one who has total control of how fast you get promoted.

    Anything is possible if you set your goal to achieve what you want...good grades in school, good grades in AFJROTC, promotions, getting a job or a college degree...anything. Now it's up to you, so study hard, and good luck!!!!