Cadet Guide Study Guide

  • This section contains the study guide sections for the Cadet Guide Promotion Exam that you can take one time each quarter.  Requirements for promotion are different depending on what rank you are.  What YOU must do to get promoted can be found in the MN-941 Cadet Guide, May 2104 version, pages 17 and 18. 

    Please note that for promotion to our leadership ranks, Cadet Master Sergeant through Cadet Colonel, you must meet all the criteria listed for promotion to Cadet Technical Sergeant plus what's listed on page 17, paragraph 4.7.6.  We hope to see all of you reach the cadet airman rank of Cadet Chief Master Sergeant, but only YOU can do what it takes to get yourself there!!

    30-Step Drill Sequence Performance  -
    This link will take you to the 30-Step Drill Sequence as it should be performed.  Notice how they move in unison, their steps sound like a single step and when they make a movement it is in perfect time.   

    Drill and Ceremonies Lesson -
    This link will take you to a complete Drill and Ceremonies lesson.  Everything you need to know about drill is taught and demonstrated here.  It begins with stationary movements, then progresses to marching, and finally exibition movements such as Color Guard using rifles and sabres.  Use this link to help yourself learn to execute your movements flawlessly!