Are YOU eligible for a promotion?

  • Promotion Requirements by Rank

    This attachment is a list of all the requirements for promotion to each rank. Know what rank you are, then look at this list to see what you need to do to be promoted each quarter.  


    However, remember, even if you meet all the requirements on this list, you must be in uniform and meet all grooming standards on the day of promotion in order to actually get promoted.  This includes wearing the assigned uniform of the day, wearing it proudly ALL day and making sure your hair is worn properly.  Not wearing the uniform correctly, including not having your hair cut (males) or put up (females), is typically the biggest reason cadets do not get promoted each quarter.


    Be proud of your accomplishments.  You work hard to earn your promotions throughout each quarter, so look good on promotion day to be sure you are able to pin on those new, higher ranks!!!!

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