AFJROTC Welcome Packet

  • This section contains the information you were given on the first day of school. Remember to return the signed copies of the syllabus, and the Air Force parent/guardian Participation Consent Form.  Please make sure that parents/guardians and cadets read ALL the information in these packets. These packets must be signed and returned to AFJROTC by the due date your instructor give you and will be kept in the cadet personnel file for future reference. 

    Johnson High School enforces seven "No Excuse Rules for Success".  We strictly abide by these rules in AFJROTC.  Be sure to click on the link on the right to view the rules, but be aware that regardless of what exceptions other departments might allow, there will be no exceptions to these school rules in MN-941.  We expect our cadets to be leaders in the school, which includes setting a good example by following these rules at all times.