A Tradition of Pride! A Future of Opportunity!


    Maybe you know someone who went to, or goes to, Johnson High School.  After more than 100 years, we have a large number of graduates of which to be proud.  As you consider your options for high school, you may want to think about joining them - and us!

    How we do things is just as important as what we do.  At Johnson, students are encouraged to be involved in academics, athletics, arts and activities, rather than being labeled and slotted into a specific program.  This develops well-rounded students with experience working in teams toward common goals.  It is probably the most important factor in creating successful future employees and scholars.

    Johnson has also been scheduled in an innovate way: the More with Four system.  In 1994, we started a four-period block day to help our students focus on four classes at a time, and the results have been remarkable.  Although we require more science, math, and social studies courses than any other Saint Paul high school, this system makes it possible to fit more classes in a student's schedule over the course of one year.  In addition, parts of the freshman curriculum assist students in their transition to high school, including study skills, resources, and community studies and service.

    Johnson has spent 100 years developing and implementing educational innovations to meet the changing needs of our students over time.  We continue to prepare Governors for the future!


    Johnson is not only a place to learn now, but also a bridge to your future goals.  Many Johnson programs are specifically planned to prepare our students for early starts in post-secondary fields:

    • Health Care Apprenticeship Program - establishes a strong background for those interested in this rapidly-expanding field.
    • Air Force Junior ROTC - develops leadership and communication skills that help in any field, and give students interested in military training a head start.
    • College Board Advanced Placement - allows students to earn college credit in many fields while in high school.