Pre-Calculus (Honors)

  • Course Number(s): M437051, M437052
    Length: 2 Semester (4 Credits)
    Prerequisites: B or higher in Geometry Accelserated; B or higher in Algebra II Accelerated or A in Algebra II; A in Geometry
    Grade: 10-12

    Students planning on taking Calculus must take this course. The focus of this course is to prepare students for AP Calculus. It involves an in depth study of algebraic topics not previously covered and concentrates on the use of a graphing calculator to solve difficult real world problems. This course is for the highly motivated mathematics student who wishes to develop mature study habits necessary for college work. Students will be encouraged to have a graphing calculator for this course. The function concept provides the basis for most of the course’s study. Polynomial functions receive thorough treatment; logarithms and exponents are taught with primary emphasis given to solution of logarithmic and exponential equations. Matrix algebra is studied, as are series, sequences and probability. The slope of a curve and tangent line to a curve are discussed in connection with polynomial and exponential functions. Right triangle and Unit Circle trigonometry are covered, along with a study of the graphs of the trigonometric functions. Time is also spent solving trigonometric equations. Series, sequence and probability are also covered. The use of computer software and graphing calculators facilitates the learning of selected topics and concepts.