Human Geography AP (Honors)

  • Course Number(s): H452211, H452212
    Length: 2 Semester (4 Credits)
    Prerequisites: Grade level reading ability
    Grade: 10

    This course is designed to have students learn and apply AP-level skills. Students who enter this course should have the critical thinking and study skills necessary to perform and succeed at an AP level. Students will learn to study efficiently, but critically, will read a large amount of written material, and will practice rigorous methods for understanding and learning facts, for creating and testing hypotheses, and for organizing, debating and evaluating concepts and theories. This course provides practice in researching and discussing global issues, helps students to recognize and understand typical patterns of processes and behaviors, helps them to understand and explain statistical data, charts, graphs, and geographical documents, and expects a high quality of written analysis and interpretation. Students will study the nature and perspectives of geography, population, migration, agriculture, economic development, cultural geography, political geography and urbanization. This course will offer the opportunity to complete the Minnesota Graduation Standard for Social Studies, Human Geography. This course also fulfills the Minnesota State University System’s entrance requirement. Finally, this course will prepare students for the AP Human Geography exam. Students are expected to take the Geography AP test in May.