Technical Video Productions II

  • Course Number(s): T400171
    Length: 1 Semester (2 Credits)
    Prerequisites: Technical Video Productions I
    Grade: 11-12

    The content of this course includes continued instruction on basic electronics, lighting effects, camera principles, camera operations, microphone placement and applications, CD and audio tape operations, computer programs (such as scanning and PowerPoint), and writing within the WJHS newscast format. The laboratory experience includes creating and broadcasting the daily news programs within the school. As a culminating project each student will create an edited DVD documentary on a topic of their choice which will become part of a weekly broadcast series.

    Students expand on previous instruction to produce an independent video program of their own interests. This class will include guest speakers and field experiences. Students will use primary source materials and integrate them with photographs, film, video, audio tapes and graphic presentations into original video productions. To be in this course, a student must first complete Video Production I with distinction and be prepared to produce and present the WJHS morning news program.