Civil Engineering & Architecture (PLTW) (Honors)

  • Next offered during the 2016-17 school year
    Course Number(s):
     T431611, T431613
    Length: 2 Semester (4 Credits)
    Prerequisits: Introduction to Engineering Design
    Grade: 11-12

    The major focus of the Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA) course is a long-term project that involves the development of a local property site. As students learn about civil engineering and architecture, they apply what they learn to the design and development of this property. Developing the property as a simulation and model allows students to learn what civil engineers and architects experience while developing properties. The CEA course is structured to enable students to have a variety of experiences that will provide an overview of both fields. Students work individually and in teams exploring hands-on projects and activities to learn the characteristics of civil engineering and architecture. In addition, students will use state of the art software packages to help them design solutions to solve class assignments and projects. Students learn about documenting their project, solving problems and communicating their solutions to various audiences. Note: Students can earn college credit by passing PLTW summative test at the end of the semester.