• Technology Integration: SAMR

    Saint Paul Public Schools is leveraging the power of technology to personalize learning.  Our 1:1 iPad environment supports this process in many ways, from providing easy access to reading materials to completely transforming lessons through the use of powerful applications. We use the SAMR model of technology integration to engage in meaningful discussions about different levels of technology integration.

    SAMR stands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition. Developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura, it is a way to describe the impact technology has on teaching and learning.  At the basic level, technology enhances instruction. Technology can also completely transform learning experiences, mirroring the same powerful changes underway in all sorts of industry, entertainment, and consumer settings.  


    Substitution Learning technology tools are used to perform the same task as was done before the use of computers.
    • Use internet to access information
    • Read an iBook or epub/book app
    • Use an app to reinforce a concept or skill
    Augmentation Learning technology tools are used to perform common tasks with functional improvement.
    • Create a presentation including video and sound
    • Find, evaluate, analyze online information (researcher)
    • Use a variety of media for instruction
    Modification Learning technology tools are used to redesign instruction to achieve new educational outcomes.
    • Use an app to create a collection of images with text/audio to tell a story
    • Share/communicate online
    • Categorize, tag, classify, organize and share digital information
    Redefinition Learning technology tools allow for new tasks and/or approaches that were previously not possible.
    • Use an app to create an eBook to retell a story and share with an audience
    • Use an app to capture student learning processes or feedback incorporating voice, video, text and images
    • Use digital portfolios – student centered and reflective


    This slide show illustrates the SAMR levels using examples from Saint Paul Public Schools classrooms.