Teacher Pages:
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How to Edit a Teacher Page

  • Sign in

    Teachers and staff must sign in to edit their page. You can find the sign-in button at the top right corner of every Schoolwires site.

    Click here


    Clicking this link will take you this page, which will require your Active Directory login and password (your E number).

    What you see:


    Once you have successfully logged in, you will notice the links in the upper-right of the page have changed:

    Site Manager

    If you do NOT see "Site Manager," that just means you have not been given permission to edit any pages. If you need permission, your site administrator can grant you that permission.

    Even if you are not an editor, it is still essential that you sign in, because logging in determines your viewing permissions for pages as well. (In other words: There are no password-protected pages in Schoolwires; only viewing privileges). 


    Click Site Manager

    If you do have editing permission, click the "Site Manager" link, and you should see a pop-up window like this:

    Charlie Brown



    At this point: Click the "About the Teacher" link. It will give you page that looks something like this: 

    About Editor


    Schoolwire uses content containers and widgets called "Apps" that contain your content. In many cases, these "Apps" are preformatted specifically for a purpose, such as "About the Teacher." (*Note: If you do not have an App at all on this page, view the page how to add an app).


    Now click the gray box — the "About the Teacher" App — you will open the following editing screen:


    Edit your page(s)

     Charlie Brown

    Further below this editing window is an area where you can upload any picture from your computer. If you want to add your email address or phone number, click the "details" tab right next to "about me."

    Once you are finished editing, save your work. (There is no auto save).

    A few additional notes:

    • This WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editing window is a fairly standard editor. You can add hyperlinks (highlight a word and then click the small chainlink in the toolbar), insert images, spellcheck (PLEASE!), and more. If you are unfamiliar with this tool, any of your immediate tech-savvy colleagues should be able to guide you through this.
    • If you paste copy from Microsoft Word, you should click the small T on the editor toolbar to "Paste as Text." This removes any hidden formatting from your copy that may make your page go crazy.
    • If you want to see the page once you've saved your edits, there is a "View Website" button at the top of the window, that opens a small popup frame within the editing window.
    • IF YOU EVER NEED HELP: Check out the tabs at the top of this screen. You will see a tab called "How Do I?" If you click it, there you can search for help there.
    • Note: If you are using photos of students, please make sure your students have media permissions.