Johnson Senior High School Graduation Requirements

  • Link: MINNESOTA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Graduation Requirements

    In order to earn a diploma and participate in the graduation ceremony, your student must meet all course/credit requirements, complete the senior project, and pass state required tests.

    Due to changes in MN state law, the GRADs are no longer a required graduation assessment.  Students may now take an approved College and Career Readiness Assessment in place of the GRADs. An approved College and Career Readiness Assessment (alternative to the GRADs) will be offered to 11th and 12th grade students in spring 2014, at no cost to students. There will be no cut score to meet the graduation requirement on the College and Career Readiness Assessment; students simply need to take the test. The ACT and Accuplacer are examples of approved assessments that meet this requirement. If your student has already taken the ACT or Accuplacer assessment, then this would meet the Minnesota state testing requirement. 

    Although Grad tests are no longer required for graduation, students may choose to retest. Please contact your student’s counselor if you would like to have your student retake the grad test.