Performance: Theater

Audrey II
  • Vision: The CASS Theater Program provides a challenging individualized theater arts experience, that develops and nurtures passionate theater artists and lifelong learners.

    Mission: This program exists to produce disciplined, creative visionaries who collaborate, lead, and engage with the community through theater arts. Design, performance, and technical experiences — along with persistent goal setting and active self reflection — provide students the insight and skills that will support them in their future educational and career paths.

    We don’t just create characters - we teach CHARACTER. The theater program at Creative Arts Secondary School is designed to increase student’s understanding of theater as an art form, cultural influence, and platform for social change. Through this program, students will ultimately excel in the presentation of their artistic ideas and create presentations that move, impact, and change their audiences.


    In addition to learning various forms of theater, acting, directing, dramatic styles, dramatic structures, students will use the elements of theater and drama (including technical theater (lights, sounds, props, costumes, etc.) to find ways to tell their own story using their self- identity, individual voice, and personal experiences. Further, students will be proficient in viewing, responding to, and critiquing works of arts.


    This is a character-education program will teach students to be just as successful on stage and in life. The lessons students learn throughout this program will translate into success in all components of their lives.