Creative Arts Music

  • Vocal Music Vision: The Vocal Music Program at Creative Arts is a diverse vocal program that pushes boundaries, creates change, and impacts the community through the discovery and development of a student’s voice.

    Vocal Music Mission: This program exists to cultivate each student’s  independent voice through an in-depth development of skills and knowledge, culturally relevant musical experiences, and expressive performance of varied styles and genres, opening one-of-a-kind opportunities for students to further the refinement and utilization of their voice in their community and their post-secondary journey.


    Digital Audio Vision: The CASS Digital Music Program fuses artistic and technical study that prepares graduates to pursue multimedia careers.

    Digital Audio Mission: The DAP prepares the next generation of creative media professionals by exploring the role of audio in platforms such as web, video & animation. Students/creators will develop the creative and technical skills needed to express themselves and succeed in the fast-paced world of multimedia.


    Creative Arts offers a comprehensive music program designed to engage exploring beginners, while challenging advanced students with composition, performance and critical thinking skills and techniques. Students learn the foundations of music making — including proficiency, theory, creativity, teamwork, and the development of life skills.

    Students learn a variety of instruments, including band and orchestra instruments, guitar, piano, and electronic music production. Classes like piano ensemble, jazz combo, and music composition prepare students to play and interact in collaborative small ensembles.

    Students become songwriters through the study of their own lives, stories and musical experiences. Students become composers and audio engineers through the phenomenon of science and sound. And students become better citizens in the world for having a rigorous and creative music education.

    Traditional large performance ensembles at both Middle School and High School levels include Band, Orchestra, and Choir. These ensembles focus on public performance and community outreach, performing a wide range of classical and contemporary music.

    Creative Arts also offers music production classes where students learn to use industry-standard Pro Tools and Logic Pro workstations and study recording techniques to create their own music and new genres of music.

    Singing, rapping, performing, and reflecting are highly encouraged. All styles are covered: Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, Classical, Country, Rock, even Calypso and Reggae.

    We have worked with students and professors from McNally Smith College of music, and participate in collaborations with other community groups, such as the One Voice Choir, VocalEssence, and The Flying Foot Forum.


    In addition to producing with virtual instruments, Creative Arts students have the ability to add live instruments and vocals to their Pro Tools compositions. Our Audio Suite is equipped with a large computer lab and classroom, four individual studios for instrument and vocal recording, and two “live rooms” that contain a drum set, hand drums, and other instruments for recording and practicing with others.

    As students progress in the series of Audio courses, we delve further into mixing audio, refining recordings, advanced production techniques, and compiling a series of original songs. Gaining experience in Pro Tools will better prepare a student for music college and/or setting up a home studio to continue recording and producing music.

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