Vocal Music

Opening Vocal Music Image
  • Vocal Music Vision: The Vocal Music Program at Creative Arts is a diverse vocal program that pushes boundaries, creates change, and impacts the community through the discovery and development of a student’s voice.

    Vocal Music Mission: This program exists to cultivate each student’s  independent voice through an in-depth development of skills and knowledge, culturally relevant musical experiences, and expressive performance of varied styles and genres, opening one-of-a-kind opportunities for students to further the refinement and utilization of their voice in their community and their post-secondary journey.

  • Creative Arts Choir:

    "Hi, I’m Emmy, and I’m the president of the Creative Arts Choir of 2020. We’re a high school choir that focuses on equality and acceptance. We sing lots of different types of songs, like pop songs, folk songs, and hymns. We also sing lots of songs in different languages. 

    One thing I love about being in the Creative Arts Choir is that it’s a smaller choir, which means we have a strong feeling of community and we know each other well."

    This is what Vocal Music at Creative Arts Looks like: