Middle School Orchestra & Band

  • While continuing to grow on their instruments, our instrumental musicians are introduced to a wide-variety of musical styles including classical, jazz, rock, pop, and mariachi. Students are given a number of incredible opportunities to perform. In school, there is a guaranteed concert in the winter and the spring along with numerous outreach opportunities, collaboration with other St. Paul schools, and chances to perform for their peers during in-school performances. 

    Alongside their performance experience, students will grow in their understanding of music theory and begin to compose music for themselves and their peers. Every student will learn the foundations of improvisation in music. Students will leave their middle school music experience with the skills to read music, write music, collaborate with their peers, and perform on stage. 


High School Instrumental Music

  • Our advanced musicians are introduced to intensive performance with their instruments. With increased opportunities to work within small ensembles, students are able to explore their passion for music in multiple ensembles and with a wide variety of music. This year students are performing within a rock band, jazz combo, classical ensemble, and pop combo. Each day, students will be able to split into their smaller music ensembles and rehearse, growing their ability to interpret, analyze, and respond to musical challenges as they arise. 

    Through weekly performances to their peers, students will perform more than most high school students in the state. This will provide students with increased opportunities to respond to peer performances, allowing them to construct interpretations of artistic work while identifying the elements that create contrasting performances of musical selections. Using outside knowledge and personal experiences, the classroom will become a center for music creation, collaboration, and appreciation. Our high school musicians see increased opportunities to play in outreach concerts and music festivals in the metro area. 

    For any questions about information about the program, our vision, and instrument or music donations, contact the instrumental music director Ben Gualtieri.