Music Production

  • The Creative Arts Digital Audio Program is a series of computer-based courses that focus on making music with the industry-standard music production software Pro Tools.

    Students create original compositions by editing, manipulating and sequencing sounds, and working with the built in virtual instruments and loops in Pro Tools. In addition to producing with virtual instruments, Creative Arts students have the ability to add live instruments and vocals to their Pro Tools compositions.

    Our Audio Suite is equipped with a large computer lab and classroom, four individual studios for instrument and vocal recording, and two “live rooms” that contain a drum set, hand drums, and other instruments for recording and practicing with others. 

    As students progress in the series of Music Technology courses, we delve further into mixing audio, refining recordings, advanced production techniques, and compiling a series of original songs. Gaining experience in Pro Tools will better prepare a student for music college and/or setting up a home studio to continue recording and producing music.