Role and Norms of the Leadership Team

  • Role:

    1. Information sharing-input/output
    • Preview and /or modify information that all staff are required to know and will be shared at staff meeting (discuss and/or find consensus)
    1. Problem Solving
    • Issues/concerns of a department or an individual.


    • Attend all Leadership Team meetings
    • Approve minutes and agenda, prioritize for time as needed
    • Information sharing of all departments and then continue with problem solving
    • Issues raised will be discussed by Leadership Team, voted on by thumbs up or thumbs down, majority rule and in case of tie vote the issue will further be discussed at the next meeting
    • If an issue is voted down the department chair will inform the staff member(s) and then encourage the staff member(s) with the issue to meet with Principal Rose Santos
    • Focus on agenda items-focus monitor-Kurt
    • Re-state decisions and action steps (done through real time minutes projection)
    • Respect all participants
    • Leadership Team note taker will be Sam
    • Leadership Team meeting schedule is once a month from 2:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.
    • Only items deemed urgent will extend meeting time past 3:15 – members will vote
    • Leadership Team binder will be present for any questions or challenges to norms/minutes
    • Urgent agenda items can be sent to Rose early or added at meeting to the agenda



    *Amended 4/18/12