Information for SPPS Counselors who wish to refer students to LEAP

  • Student who meets ONE of the following criteria may qualify to attend LEAP:

    • In the country five years or less
    • Currently taking ELL class (level 1-5) at your school
    • Receive ELL support

    Please call the main office at 651/228-7706 to refer prospect student to LEAP.  We encourage the student to come in and have a meeting with me, Mr. Lee Yang, and/or our principal before transferring to LEAP. 

    Our ELL leveling and placement system is different from the traditional high school system. We want interested SPPS H.S. student to have as much information as possible before making a decision to transfer.

    Information about referring 5th year seniors to LEAP

    ELL students whose class has graduated and has completed all creditsrequirements, but unable to pass the GRAD test can be refer to LEAP. We offer intensive ELL English and Math to prepare them for theupcoming GRAD test. 

    Your school must agree to issue them adiploma upon passing the necessary GRAD test.  If the student stillneed to make up additional credits, please follow the regularprocedures for referral above.

    5th year seniors can be referred for Summer School and/or at the beginning of each semester.

    The referring counselor needs to fill the follow two forms with the student.  Refer to the FAQ sheet for more information.

    5th Year Senior Forms