Jobs and College

  • Career Study

    Careers and College: What do you know?

    ***Here are some things you can do to find out what you like.***

    1.  Click here to take the "Pre-Assessment" =>

    This pre-assessment will show you words and ideas that you need to know to start thinking about careers and jobs.

    2.  Click here to take an interest assessment =>

    This is a set of ideas that will tell you what job groups match the things that you like, or are interested in doing. After finishing the assessment, you will see a list of links that are organized by words that start with the letters in the assessment. Look at the links in the groups where you received the highest score.

    3.  Click on one of the two links below to take a skills assessment: (ask the teacher about the school username and password)

    The skills assessments ask about what you know how to do or want to do in your life. These skills will be matched to jobs/occupations that you might like. Click on the links to occupations or job groups to explore your matches. 

    4. Click Career Study to learn about jobs, how to get training and plan for your future.  This section has many assignments online.

    5.  Practice a short online job application:

    Websites to find information about jobs and colleges for your future.

      This website gives general information about jobs in Minnesota, wages ($) and what steps you need to take to prepare for this job.
      Use the directions in the Research a Career document at the bottom of this page to find out about your favorite job!
    • This is an alternative website to with more information about colleges and jobs across the USA.
      username: ialeap
      password: future

    $$$$Websites To Apply for Money for College $$$$