Fundraising: It all adds up!

  • Throughout the year, there are many ways -- large and small -- to support OWL.

    Sometimes raising money for OWL is as simple as going shopping—clipping and saving food labels might seem like small potatoes, but OWL earns hundreds of dollars a year on items you are buying anyway. Purchasing your whole bean or pre-ground coffee at OWL events or via the order form sent home seasonally is another great way to funnel some of your regular spending dollars into the school. Amazon shoppers and Target Card holders can also designate OWL as their recipient of choice for a percentage of their spending.

    Or, contributing funds to OWL could mean setting up a sustaining donation like you may hear about on MPR during their pledge drives. Open World Learning Community PTO’s GIveMN page is an easy place to set up weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual donations. These kinds of donations may also be eligible for an employer match—ask at work to see if this is something your employer is doing or would consider doing.

    Although individually it might not seem like much, our efforts all contribute to the educational experience at OWL. With the money earned PTO is able to support field trips, fieldwork, supplemental classroom supplies, program grants for teachers and special interest groups at OWL, and additional enrichment that tight school budgets can't fund. In fact, taken all together, these programs bring the school thousands of dollars each year. Consider asking your relatives and friends and neighbors to support OWL in these ways too. Combined we can make a huge difference at OWL!

    Click the links on the right to learn about specific fundraising programs.

    However you choose to support OWL, know that 100% of your donations are used to enhance and enrich the educational experience for all students, families and staff at Open World Learning Community.

    Thank you for supporting OWL!