How To Record School and Community Service Hours

  • All information for tracking service hours should be kept in each student’s portfolio, which will be used from year to year.  Portfolios are kept with each student's Crew leader.  

    Logging Each Service Learning Event
    Each individual service activity should be recorded on a Service Learning Event form, where students should write the date, location, number of hours, task and their reflection about the activity. This form must be signed by someone who supervised the task or event. For students who volunteer somewhere on a regular basis, Service Learning Event forms for those activities can be completed monthly or at reasonable intervals.  If you have questions, please ask your Crew leader. 

    Tracking your cumulative Service Hours
    Once a student has completed a Service Learning Event form for a specific service activity, they can add the hours to theirService Learning Log form, which should be kept in their portfolio.  This log will provide students with a running total of their completed work.  Students should keep one log sheet for community service hours and one log sheet for school service hours.

    Click here to log in your service hours: