Open School's Secondary Science Department

  • Saint Paul Open School 6-12 Science Program Philosophy
    Science is simultaneously a body of knowledge, tools and skills; and a way of thinking that pursues and explores our universe’s many mysteries.  Science investigates these mysteries to find answers and solutions, continuously transforming itself as technologies make new data available.  Applying science in the field often calls upon diverse intellectual disciplines.

    The goal of science education is to prepare students to successfully navigate an increasingly scientific world.  To do this, students must become informed citizens guided by a sense of responsibility and compassion toward their communities. 

    Saint Paul Open School 6-12 Science Program Beliefs
    Inquiry experiences are the foundation of a quality science education.
    Therefore, students will learn by exploring through labs and activities.

    Instruction should be relevant, meaningful, and based on student needs.
    Therefore, we will provide opportunities for students to make connections to their own lives using a variety of instructional strategies.

    Our scientific communities are culturally diverse.
    Therefore, we will develop student understanding of scientific contributions from diverse cultures.

    The scientific community relies on communication between scientists.
    Therefore, we will provide students with standard formats for scientific communication.

    The use of community resources is essential for effective instruction.
    Therefore, we will use the scientific resources of our community to enhance our instruction and promote real world scientific application.

    The success of our global culture depends on students becoming informed stewards of the earth.
    Therefore, environmental issues will be explored throughout the science curriculum.

    The body of scientific knowledge is constantly changing.
    Therefore, we will provide opportunities for students to trace the history of scientific understanding.

    Science and technology are intertwined supporting each other’s development; and students must use scientific tools to view themselves as scientists.
    Therefore, students will use current technology in the classroom whenever possible.

    Assessment should be ongoing, diagnostic, and aligned with instruction.
    Therefore, we will provide multiple authentic assessment tools.