ELL 4L Syllabus

  • ELL 4L is a reading and writing class for students who speak a language other than English at home and have a score of below proficient on the MCA reading test. We will focus on reading and writing skills that will transfer to other classes and help students to be successful in school.

    Trimester 1
    Text: Inside level D
    Unit: Everybody is a Winner
    Guiding Question: Why is the human body so amazing?
    Reading Skills: determine importance, set a purpose, use context clues, predict

    Grammar: Possessive nouns, possessive adjectives, indefinite pronouns
    Writing: Summary

    Unit: Close Encounters
    Guiding Question: What happens when cultures cross paths?
    Reading Skills: ask questions, set a purpose, predict
    Grammar: verb tense, present and past tense
    Writing: Description, Literary Response

    Trimester 2
    Text: Inside level D
    Unit: To the Rescue
    Guiding Question: How do we come to the aid of one another?
    Reading Skills:  Make connections, set a purpose, predict
    Grammar: Use nouns in the subject and predicate, use prepositions, use pronouns
    Writing: Summary, Friendly letter, business letter

    Unit : More Than a Game
    Guiding Question: How do people bond over sports?
    Reading Skills:  Make inferences, set a purpose, predict
    Grammar: Use complete, compound and complex sentences
    Writing:  Paragraphs in chronological order, Biography

    Trimester 3

    Text: Inside level D
    Unit: Global Warnings
    Guiding Question: How can changing our ways benefit the earth?
    Reading Skills: Synthesize, set a purpose, predict
    Grammar: Verb tense, present, past, future and present perfect. Use participles as adjectives
    Writing: Persuasive Essay

    Novel Study/Literature Circles

    Grading Categories:
    25% class work and homework
    75% tests and projects

    Classroom Expectations:
    R: Respectful
    A: Academic
    M: Motivated
    S: Safe

    I look forward to meeting you at conferences! (I am available to help students after school by appointment, or during homeroom Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.)

    The best way to contact me is by e-mail: amy.del.main@spps.org