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    Blackboard Connect is the district's system for communicating with families through automated phone calls, email and text messages. See below for the full SPPS Blackboard Connect Guidelines.

    You may also review a quick-start guide from Blackboard. For translations, please use bilingual staff at your school. (This does not apply to emergency messages in which assistance is provided by the Office of Communications, Marketing and Development.

    For immediate support sending a time-sensitive message to your families, contact:
    Shawn Hogendorf
    Office: 651-744-5207
    Cell: 612-214-0422

    If you and your staff require training on the Blackboard Connect system, contact:
    Jerry Skelly
    Office: 651-767-8107

    You may also contact Blackboard Connect's customer service at connectsupport@blackboardconnect.com or call Blackboard Connect's help desk at 866-360-2155.

Blackboard Connect Training

  • Please designate two staff members to be your school's Blackboard Connect managers. If they are not familiar with the system, set up a training with jerry.skelly@spps.org at 651-767-8107.


Blackboard Connect Guidelines