Welcome to Reader's Workshop 6th Graders!

  • Reader’s Workshop 6 provides advanced reading instruction and establishes a foundation in the habits and skills for the critical thinking, analysis, and text types that will be expected of students during their middle school years. Students will read a variety of genres, participate in literature discussions and book clubs, develop written responses to literature, select books to read independently, and set reading goals based on their strengths, needs, and interests. This is an IB-MYP (International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme) course, which values communication, holistic learning, and intercultural awareness.

    *Students will be encouraged to read at home each night, and will keep a running log of minutes and pages completed!

    *We will read daily in Reader's Workshop class to build stamina, fluency, and comprehension for grade-level texts while encouraging the social-emotional development of each learner's critical thinking and confidence around reading, academic language, and communication.

    *Students will be challenged with rigorous curriculum to nurture their existing skills as strategic readers and to build on targeted areas for growth. The workshop model promotes a community that fosters open discussion and sharing of new ideas, connections, and reader-inspired knowledge. This is a wonderful forum to build relationships and broaden students' social, global, and academic awareness for the value of reading, educational success, and to enliven their sense of Self as global thinkers.

    *Please read the attached syllabus link for further details regarding Reader's Workshop, and visit my main page in the coming weeks for 'updates' on what is happening in Reading class each month of school at Ramsey! 

    Have a wonderful day!

    ~Ms. F :)