Welcome to History Day

  • Welcome to the History Day web site
    Here is some general information about the 2016 History Day
    Theme: Exploration-Encounter- Exchange

    History Day Timeline:

    Regional event


    Group- Exhibit

    The Regional Competition will be at Johnson High School (maps will be given to students for their families)  Students going on to the regional competition will be given directions before the event.

    Student projects that place in regionals will go on to the state event at the University of Minnesota.

    Extra Credit opportunities for all students. Students should use research facilities to improve their learning experience and add excellence to their projects at any time.
    But  History Day professionals, volunteers and teachers have donated time to meet with students at several libraries in St. Paul.
    Here are some opportunities:

    History Day Hot Line 612-625-6416 or histday@hist.umn.edu

    For educational- web sites go to connect.spps.org ( On the right hand side look at student resources and enter)

    University of Minnesota Libraries  
     General Information        www.lib.umn.edu
     Search the Card Catalog  www.lib.edu/books

    Minnesota Historical Society    www.mnhs.org/library

    State University Libraries    www.pals.msus.edu

    Ramsey County Libraries    www.ramsey.lib.mn.us

    Hennepin County Libraries    www.hennepin.lib.mn.us

    St. Paul Public Library    www.stpaul.lib.mn.us

    Minneapolis Public Library    www.mpls.lib.mn.us

    Learner Outcomes
    Demonstrate their knowledge of primary and secondary sources by identifying and categorizing a source that is related to their topic.

    Work Time in Computer Lab-  Before moving into the lab you will receive  your Weekly Progress Sheet. On the top line, you will need to record your History Day topic. It is okay if this topic changes a little, but we want to know what you are thinking about right now.

    Every day teachers will give you your sheet and you will need to fill in your goals for the day. You can see this on the left side of the paper (point to worksheet). Just fill in this box on the lef

    Primary Question/Objective: What sources are appropriate?

    Primary Concepts:
        Academic Sources
        Internet Research

    Learner Outcomes: (Every student will be able to)
    •    Identify at least one reliable internet source that contains information about their History Day topic. This will be verified through the use of a Weekly Progress Sheet.

    Work Time in Computer Lab: (35 min)
    If you are confused by something. We will be coming around to check that everyone For the rest of the day, you can all work on researching your papers. Feel free to ask  Mrs. Wallner questions if you are has found at least one reliable website with information


    Primary Question/Objective: Why is citation important?

    Primary Concepts:
            Historical Research

    •    If any students are having difficulty with basic computer literacy, they can be brought to a central computer and taught how to search and navigate the internet.
    •    Rowdy students will be separated in the computer lab.
    •    If ELL students are more comfortable taking notes in their native language, allow them to do so but explain that their final essay must be written in English.
    •    If students cannot see the board or projected images, ask them to move closer to the front of the classroom.
    •    Students who lack computer access at home can be directed toward library resources, such as jump drives, after-school computer labs and printers.

    Bibliography Guidelines

        Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year.
    Roble, Abdi. The Somali Diaspora. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press: 2008.

    Last Name, First Name. “Article Title.” Newspaper Name. Day/Month/Year: Edition. Pages.
    Xiong, Vong. “Obama Visits the University of Minnesota.” Minnesota Star Tribune. 10/20/2010: 34th Edition. Page A1.

    Last Name, First Name. “Title of Article.” Title of Magazine. Month & Year: Pages.
    Williams, John. “Running with the Bulls.” Time Magazine. August 2001: pages 20-25.

    Last Name, First Name. “Title of Webpage.” Title of Website. Last Date Updated. Date you Visited the Site. .
    Ramirez, Juanita. “The Assassination of President Lincoln.” Library of Congress. Updated 12/04/1999. Visited 11/02/2010. .

    Reference Books / Encyclopedias:
    Last Name, First Name. “Title of Entry” Title of Book. Editor of Book. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year.
    Cole, Dennis. “Vietnam History.” Encyclopedia Britannica. Editor Noel Freedman. London: Alfred A Knopf Press, 2006.

        Title of Video. Director (or Producer or Writer). Format. Distributor, Year.
            The Civil War. Ken Burns. DVD. Public Broadcast System, 1990.

    Primary Concepts:
            Historical Inquiry

     Thesis Statements

    Primary Concepts:
            Thesis Statements
            Historical Research
            Evidence / Substantiation