Why has HPMS chosen to be an IB-MYP program?

    • It is an internationally recognized and highly reputable program designed to fully engage students with an aim of creating a better and more peaceful world.
    • It is catered specifically to the early puberty and mid-adolescent student.
    • The MYP helps students develop the attitudes, life skills, and knowledge necessary to participate fully in a growing and changing world.
    • It is vested in the ethics and values of young people, and its unique characteristics allow students to make connections between subjects, link what they learn to the real world, and reflect on their learning.
    • It provides a framework for teachers to collaborate within their discipline and across disciplines.  This collaboration leads to increased student learning and improved teaching strategies.  
    • The curriculum and pedagogy focus on international perspectives of learning and teaching, while insisting that students fully explore their home culture and language.
    • IB World Schools must undergo an exhaustive authorization process in order to offer one or more of the programmes, which includes a study of the school’s resources and commitment to the IB mission and philosophy.
    • IB teachers participate in a wide variety of opportunities to constantly update their knowledge and share their expertise with colleagues around the world.

    The IB-MYP has designed a program with a perfect fit for HPMS.  If you would like more information, don't hesitate to peruse IB's web site. or contact the coordinator for the IB-MYP program at HPMS - Linda Jones at 651-293-8950 orlinda.jones@spps.org