More About Elizabeth...

  • The Open School philosophy provides me with the opportunity to facilitate learning through collaboration with students. We learn from each other.

    I have been at Open School since 1991 and have been excited to see the natural evolution of this process develop into a creative studio environment.

    My favorite thing to do at Open School is to talk with students, staff and others and be a part of the creative artwork that comes out of the art room every day.

    When I am not at school, I work on my own art, spend time with my family, read, walk my Siberian Husky, camp, immerse myself in nature, socialize with my friends, go to art galleries and museums, listen to music and go to plays, concerts and movies.

    About myself as an artist...

    My art provides me the nourishment I need to grow. It provides the light for me to see. It gives me a name: I am an Artist.

    My teaching and my art work evolve from the same place within me.

    Each person who looks at my work will see something different. Because the forms and colors are organic and so refer to the natural environment, the work will give one a glimpse of something familiar. That process will start one's mind creating and remembering and forming until the picture becomes the viewer's own. This process of joining together in an experience resulting in different view points is the challenge one faces in trying to communicate with others. This art form is a reminder that each one of us comes from a unique perspective. It is also a reminder that we can become stuck in one perspective and not see all the myriad of possible ways one could look at an experience or idea or feeling.

    I have always been fascinated with the idea that if one were to take the elements of the natural world and throw them up in the air they might come down differently. This symbol has helped me to redefine the perspectives of my life.

    I would like to offer you an alternative journey into the natural world where the rules of organization are not presupposed, where you can find your own path to memories or idea or feelings.