Ms. Jill Elliott

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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Jill Elliott

Personal Bio

Undergraduate degrees in English/Physical Education
Coaching Certificate *Girls Gymnastics 15 Year Coaching Award
Masters in Education Hamline University, May 2003

What I enjoy most about teaching English is when I can get kids reading and connecting their personal lives to the literature. In my spare time, I read mostly fiction. When I'm not correcting English papers, I'm watching my daughter play soccer at Gustavus. I enjoy all sports, and baseball is my favorite sport to view.

Dear Parents & Guardians,

I would like to welcome you into my classroom by sharing some information on the learning framework for this course. Students in this English course will learn from a variety of different venues. They will reflect on their efforts through writing, presentations, group activities and student-generated evaluative forms. The course will feature themes for study as well as different process modes to learn by.

Your child will learn the concepts, skills and standards for this course through activities tailored toward his/her learning style. I hope to offer as many choices for learning opportunities within this course as possible. By varying the assignment levels and topics, your child may find his/her special talents and interests. If given choices, I have seen more students connect with the curriculum content. It is my belief that concepts, skills and standards may be more appealing to your child through this approach to teaching and learning.

The classroom climate may appear to be a bit different than what you may have previously experienced in your child's schooling. If you observe the class on any given day, you may see students working individually or in groups. They may be conducting research, giving drama presentations, evaluating their own work or another student's work, using the computer, showing a video, or participating in various other activities and processes to engage them in active learning.  I look forward to helping your child find success for learning this year.

Welcome to Murray!

Jill Elliott, English Department