Course Syllibus for MYP Technology = F.A.C.S.

  • MYP SUBJECT: Design - F.C.S. (Family & Consumer Science)

     MYP Level _3__

    1. Course Summary

    This course intertwines both skills and content knowledge so that students understand Family and Consumer Science (F.C.S.) and prepares students for real world life skills. Students are encouraged to think critically, work cooperatively & independently, as well as becoming open minded & a food risk taker!

    In Multi-Cultural Foods Class, students learn and come to appreciate several different cultures, as it relates to food. They’ll learn about safety & sanitation, teamwork, kitchen math, nutrition, and vegetarianism, all while practicing cooking techniques through a world cultures lenses.  Students will be using the MYP Design Cycle while creating their food products.

    1. Units of Study

    Multi-Cultural Foods: Kitchen Safety & Sanitation Unit  - “In a properly functioning kitchen, what safety systems need to be in place?”

    Multi-Cultural Foods:  Meal Elements Unit - "When creating a meal, what systems should be in place, especially when you have space & time constraints?"

    Multi-Cultural Foods: Nutrition Unit – “Looking at cultural communities, why is a structured eating plan important?”

    Multi-Cultural Foods: Food Preparation Unit = “Looking at developing communities, why would people adapt what they eat?”


  • IV. Texts and resources

    Discovering Food and Nutrition textbook, "Food, Nutritin, and Wellness" textbook, IPad, plus a variety of other resources to optimize F.C.S. learning, i.e. speakers, educational videos.

    V. Methodology

    In MYP, teachers work together to develop a variety of methodologies, focusing on approaches to learning.   The many hands-on projects and activities in F.C.S. class are designed to give students an opportunity to build confidence, use organizational strategies, development and strengthen fine motor skills, practice relationship building, follow verbal and written instructions, plus take personal responsibility for tasks.

     VI. Methods of assessment

    Student Grades Are Based On:
    100%            Summative Assessments (Projects, Presentations, Labs, Tests, Quizzes, design folder/design cycle journal)
    0%            Formative Assessments (In class textbook work, most worksheets) 

    In this class, a heavier emphasis is placed upon the SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENTS, resulting in 100% of the final grade. These summative assessments will be based upon National FACS standards and the MYP aims and objectives. The remaining 0% of a student’s grade is from the FORMATIVE ASSESSMENTS. Formative assessments are used to help students, and teachers, gauge where students are at in their learning process as they prepare to apply their learning on the summative assessments.

    VII. Grading policy including the use of MYP criteria 

    Design Cycle Criteria =

    Criterion A - Inquiring & Analyzing

    Criterion B - Developing Ideas

    Criterion C - Creating The Solution

    Criterion D - Evaluating

    VIII. Supplies

    Students are asked to donate a very small lab fee of $15.  This will greatly defray the rising costs of our food supplies for the entire school year!  Cash is preferred by the district, but personal checks are still being accepted.  If you choose to write a check, please write it out to HIGHLAND PARK MIDDLE SCHOOL.  The due date is the second Friday of October.  As the cooking teacher, it is my goal that every student cooks.  However, please note that the kitchens are NOT a gluten free, peanut free, pork free environment.  I will work hard to ensure to have substitute ingredients available for students with food restrictions.  Thank you for your patience & understanding!

    IX. Communication

    The best way to communicate with me is by e-mail. However, a note or phone calls are also acceptable. My e-mail address is and the school phone number is (651) 293 - 8950.  I have all class information 

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    I have read this syllabus and understand what is being covered in this class.  I understand that my student is responsible for earning their own grade, respecting everyone and equipment, plus following the safety and clean up rules in cooking class at all times.


    Student’s Printed First and Last Name                                                    Parent / Guardian Signature & Date

    Does the student have any food allergies?                                             Parent / Guardian phone number:

    YES or NO            If so, what is it? 

    Is your child a vegetarian? YES or NO                                                   Parent / Guardian e-mail address: