Ms. Mahoney and Ms. Cossetta

    *Julie Mahoney

    *Natalie Cossetta-Recker

    *Amy Austin (Social Worker)

    Courses Offered


    The purpose of this class is to improve each student'sreading and writing skills. Each student is given the Informal ReadingInventory in the fall. This instrument is used to guide reading instruction andto help focus on the area of greatest weakness which may be wordidentification, language comprehension, or print processing beyond wordidentification.  Students are given dailyinstruction on the Four Blocks Model, which are: Guided Reading, Self-Selected Reading, Writing, and Working with Words. The four blocks represent thedifferent approaches to teaching students to read, and write, while alsoacknowledging that students differ in their literacy competence. This coursealso gives students an opportunity to email a collage pen pal from North Carolina under thesupervision of Dr. Dave Koppenhaver, an expert on teaching students withdisabilities to read and write. Throughout this course, students also have anopportunity to write on a blog and help create the blog posts. Students as wellas parents and staff are encouraged to make comments about the posts.


    This math course develops a solid foundation in the languageand basic concepts of mathematics.  Italso emphasizes manipulatives and mental math. Essential Math 1 focuses on improving mathematical skills in the areasof: basic operations and procedural skills, percents, time, fractions,decimals, patterns and functions, consumer math, measurement (capacity,perimeter, area, volume), statistics and probability, graphs (bar graph, linegraph), and geometry.  Problem solvingstrategies will also be emphasized throughout the course.


     The purpose of this class is to improve achievement forstudents with disabilities. Students work on their individualized goals and objectives regarding their IEP.  This course also gives specializedinstruction towards IEP goals.  Students also work on self-advocacy skills, and functional skills needed to be successful in the future. Studentsreceive help, and any questions regarding homework assignments are clarified.


    The purpose of this clas is to improve social interactions among students with disabilities.  Students work on the Zones of Regulation, emotions, social communication, and executive functioning skills.

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