Technology Tips

See the tabs just under the address bar
  • To have multiple websites open at the same time
           Open your browser (Firefox or Safari)
           Press and hold the Apple / Command Key and press "T"
    This will open a second tab so you can open a second browser window without having multiple screens / windows on your desktop.  To switch between the two (or more) pages, simply click on the tab that you want to view.  

    To copy a long URL for a website
    , place your cursor in the address bar and click on your mouse three times in quick succession.  This will highlight the entire URL.  Then, press and hold the Apple / command key and press "C" to copy.  Open your document, place the cursor where you want to paste your text, and press Apple V to paste (think of V as velcro, you are sticking the text on the page).

    To download an image from the Internet using Safari,
     follow these steps:

    1. Click on the picture and make sure that it is full size (there will only be a white border on the right side and below the picture)
    2. Press the Control (ctrl) button and click down on your mouse.  This will open a dialog box, choose "Save image to iPhoto library" or  "Save image as" and save it to your desktop.
    3. Be sure to copy the URL for this picture so that you can get all of the citation information for your bibliography.