American Indian Studies Program

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  • The American Indian Studies (AIS) Program is available for grades 6-8 at the American Indian Magnet School, and grades 9-12 at Harding High School.  AIS provides theopportunity for ALL students, of any and all cultures, to learn American Indian history, literature, art, and language from a Native perspective.   Both Ojibwe and Lakota languages are offered.  All AIS classes meetdistrict and state content standards, and have been developed as rigorous, yet culturally competent courses.

    Through collaboration with the Saint Paul Indian Education Program, we offer additional support for American Indian students, including attendance and grade monitoring, college and career exploration, and social services.

    Beyond Academics…

    In addition to academic classes, AIS provides cultural learning opportunities for students. In recent years AIS students have attended original play productions by New Native Theater, hosted Winter Storytelling Events, competed in the State and Regional Ojibwe Quiz Bowl Competitions and Drum & Dance Competitions, and volunteered at community powwows and events.  With ample leadership opportunities, students are able to build meaningful portfolios for their college and career applications.


    If you have any questions, please contact Jason Bresette, AIS Coordinator:


    Jason Bresette's SPPS Web Page:

    Lisa Yankton (Dakota Teacher for Middle School)

    Cynthia Bergloff (Ojibwe Teacher for Middle School)