BOM (Book Of the Month)

  • Book of the Month is a schoolwide literacy program, begun in 2001. All AIMS students read the same book during the month.  This program is aimed at getting everyone excited to read culturally relevant books. Each month a grade level is assigned to create a display in the commons area.

    Here are the 2019-20 Book of the Month selections: 

  • Gift Horse

    by S. D. Nelson Year Published:

    Relates the story of a Lakota youth whose father gives him a horse in preparation for his making the transition from boyhood into manhood and becoming a Lakota Warrior.

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  • The Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle

    by Gay Matthaei Year Published:

    A visually stunning fictional account of a young nineteenth-century Sioux warrior's quest for knowledge that takes him from the plains of his childhood to a far-off boarding school where he learns the ways of the white world--and the value of his own traditions.

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  • Where Did You Get Your Moccasins?

    by Bernelda Wheeler Year Published:

    Children in an urban school are curious about a classmate’s moccasins.

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  • Sky Sisters

    by Jan Bourdeau Waboose Year Published:

    Two Ojibway sisters set off across the frozen north country to see the SkySpirits' midnight dance. It isn't easy for the younger sister to be silent, but gradually she begins to treasure the stillness and the wonderful experiences it brings. After an exhilarating walk and patient waiting, the girls are rewarded by the arrival of the SkySpirits --- the northern lights --- dancing and shimmering in the night sky. 

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  • Shingebiss

    by Nancy Van Laan Year Published:

    Shingebiss, a little merganser duck, can always find plenty to eat. In all seasons, the Great Lake is full of fish. But one cold year the lake freezes over, and Shingebiss has to find a way to fish through the thick ice. To do that, he must face the fierce Winter Maker. Gracefully told and illustrated with vigorous woodcuts, this ancient Ojibwe story captures all the power of winter and all the courage of a small being who refuses to see winter as his enemy. This sacred story shows that those who follow the ways of Shingebiss will always have plenty to eat, no matter how hard the great wind of Winter Maker blows.

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  • Nanabosho books

    by Joseph McLellan Year Published:

    Each grade level will read a Nanabosho book. Nanabosho is an Ojibwe trickster/teacher.

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  • The Range Eternal

    by Louise Erdrich Year Published:

    A girl laments about her childhood home, The Range Eternal, where the family's little cabin in the Turtle Mountains was the source of protection, love, and imagination.

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  • Little Bear Vision Quest

    by Diane Silvey Year Published:

    Native American inspired story about a little bear's vision quest.

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  • Dancing Teepees

    by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve Year Published:

    A selection of native American poems stemming from the oral tradition incorporates contemporary tribal poetry and poems of the elders--all of which focus on the theme of youth from birth through adolescence.

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