Flipside Afterschool Program


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    Welcome American Indian Magnet School Parents or Guardians

    Beginning October 9th, your child has a fabulous opportunity to participate in a variety of high quality after school classes and activities at your child’s school.  After school programs are completely free for students thanks to a combination of generous grant St. Paul Public Schools received from the U.S. Department of Education and multiple community organizations whose programming you already know from past years. The program is open to all students 1st through 8th grade, regardless of what school you attend during the day. Programs offer a variety of enrichment, recreation, and academic opportunities for students to explore, develop, and practice their interests and talents in order to better prepare them for life. 

    There is no cost to you for these programs!  Students will be enrolled on a “first come, first served” basis in the classes.  Schedules will be handed out to students before the program begins.

    Registering for program and classes:

    Parents/guardians complete the attached registration form and return it to the Afterschool Coordinator.

    Program Begins October 9th

    Days and Times:

                Monday – Thursday 4:00 pm – 5:45 pm

                Session 1: 10/09/17 to 01/10/18

                Session 2: 01/16/18 to 05/10/18


    Programming held primarily at AIMS

    Behavior Expectations:

    The after school program is a voluntary program and unacceptable behavior will result in dismissal from the program. The After School Program Coordinator reserves the right to dismiss students from the After School Program for the day as the result of unacceptable behavior. This will result in the loss of their transportation privilege and therefore may need to be picked up from the After School Program by a parent/guardian.  Parents will be notified by phone or mail if a discipline referral occurs. Students who are dismissed on three different dates will be dismissed for the remainder of the current session.  Students may enroll in the following session, assuming that the behaviors have been corrected.

    Attendance Expectations:

    • Students are expected to attend ALL DAYS of programming.
    • Students who have more than three unexcused absences can be removed from programs.  Written notes are due to the after school coordinator upon return to the program for excused absences.  Excused absences include any school related overnight field trips.

    Daily Meal:

    All students will receive a healthy evening meal, provided by St. Paul Public Schools Nutritional Services.

    Transportation- Busing Schedule & Pick Up Expectations:

    A bus will be provided for those students who take the bus home on a regular school day. The bus is scheduled to pick the students up from AIMS at 5:45 p.m., and take them to their respective bus stops.  We expect all parents/guardians who pick up their children to pick them up by 6:00 p.m. at the American Indian Magnet School main entrance.

    Additional Information:

    • No school nurse is available during the after school program.
    • Please remember to contact the school if your address changes throughout the school year.

    Please feel free to call 651.744.1264 with any questions regarding the Flipside Afterschool Program.

    Program funding is provided by the Minnesota Department of Education using federal funding, CFDA 84.287c, 21st Century Community Learning Centers.


Regalia Making
Martial Arts Class