The Breakthrough Program

Breakthrough Program
  • American Indian Magnet School has been a part of the Breakthrough Program since it began in Saint Paul in 2004.

    Breakthrough is a national program available to urban 6th grade students to help them achieve their goals toward college.  This 6-year program is highly competitive, but the benefits are outstanding.  Breakthrough boasts a proven ripple effect of positive results: 82% of Breakthrough student alumni are accepted to college preparatory programs and 72% of Breakthrough teachers, many of whom were Breakthrough students, go on to pursue professional careers in education.

    This year, there were 185 students who applied district-wide and only 60 were accepted!  Of those 60, we had six students accepted!  We had the most students accepted out of any St. Paul Public School!!

    Congratulations to our students and their families - we are very proud of you all!