High School Course Requirements

  • High School graduation requirements include: 

    • 2 semesters of English in each grade 9-12
    • 3 semesters of World History/Geography, 2 semesters of US History, 1 semester of Government, 1 semester of Economics
    • 2 semesters of Algebra I, 2 semesters of Geometry, and 2 semesters of Algebra II
    • 2 semesters of general science, 2 semesters of Biology, and 2 semesters of Chemistry
    • 2 semesters of Art
    • 1 semester of Physical Education
    • 1 semester of Health
    • 1 semester of Family and Consumer Science/Business
    • At least 22 credits of electives

    Requirements also include passing Minnesota Comprehensive Exams in reading, writing, and math and completing a 6-year plan with future plans identified.


    • Graduation requirements for students who receive special education support are determined by Individual Education Plan (IEP).  Please consult with your student's case manager for questions about her requirements for graduation based on the IEP.