• Reading

    In First Grade our primary focus is learning to read. We use phonics, guided reading books, trade books, and literature, all within a Reader's Workshop model. Also, using guided reading techniques every student is able to read and learn and their level. Students are required to read at least 10 books each month at home. In addition to classroom reading, students participate in Book Club at the Library 3 days a week. During this time, students read each day with an adult volunteer and then read the same book with their family each night.


    We write daily during Writer's Workshop time. Students write from their own experiences. We follow the state standards for writing genres which include:
    Personal Narrative, Functional and Informational writing. Throughout the year as we complete units of writing we celebrate with our final publishings in the classroom.


    We have daily spelling practice with sight words and word families.  In late Fall we start weekly spelling tests that consist of five sight words and five word family words. 


    Math skills are taught using the Everyday Math Curriculum. The following content areas are covered:
    operations and computation
    patterns, functions and algebra
    data and chance

    Our math curriculum offers a variety of learning through daily work, math games, "hands on" exploration and nightly homework.

    Core Knowledge

    Our Core Knowledge sequence includes the study of:
    Early People
    Nomads and Hunters
    Mayans, Incas and Aztecs
    The First Three English Colonies
    The Thirteen Colonies and the American Revolution
    Black History (Dr. Martin Luther King)
    American Symbols
    American Westward Expansion
    Women's History
    Ancient Egypt
    Modern Mexico
    This is the students' favorite time of day! They look forward to learning through projects, readings, media, crafts and discussions.