Children's Internet Protection Act

  • What is CIPA?

    The Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires that K-12 schools and libraries use Internet filters and implement other measures to protect children from harmful online content as a condition for the receipt of certain federal funding. It was signed into law on Dec. 21, 2000 and was found to be constitutional by the United States Supreme Court on June 23, 2003. - Wikipedia

    CIPA Compliance Rules: To meet CIPA compliance, each student must receive and understand the following to the best of our ability:

    1. A review of the SPPS Internet Safety Policy.

    2. One or more lessons containing the three CIPA-required topics:

    • Appropriate online behavior
    • Safety and privacy
    • Cyberbullying

    Funding Stream:

    To maintain this substantial funding for SPPS, we are now required to provide internet safety lessons to every student each year. If we do not complete this training with fidelity, the district will lose $4.6 million!