Coaches in Classroom
  • "The role of coaching is central to bringing about instructional change and aligning individual and group focused professional development activities to achieve those objectives." (Poglinco & Bach, 2004)

    At any time of the day, you might find us in the classroom modeling instructional strategies in Readers Workshop, Writers Workshop or Everyday Math. You might see us co-teaching as we refine our instructional strategies through oral language, guided reading, shared reading and more. We provide tools and ideas to increase student self-directed learning within the Workshop Model.

    Also we work with administration to plan and deliver staff development for Professional Days during Opening Week and throughout the school year. We search for ways to integrate our environmental science focus into Readers and Writers Workshop. We are excited about helping teachers facilitate this process! The Coaches at Battle Creek meet weekly with their grade level teams in order to plan, share and collaborate.

    We provide teachers with materials and resources that support the high quality instruction already taking place at Battle Creek. Lastly, our role is a supportive one. We support the vision of Battle Creek Elementary. We support teachers and their teams. We support individual students.