• Reading
    Students are assessed through STAR testing in the early Fall to determine reading levels. We then assess other strengths and weaknesses in reading and place students into appropriate reading groups. Within reading groups, students will practice reading aloud, making predictions, inferences, making comparisons, making text to world, text to self, and text to text comparisons, and responding to literature.Book ClubAlong with classroom reading, second graders participate in Book Club. This takes place three times per week for half of the school year. Students read to community volunteers and continue reading with someone at home for extra practice.

  • Writing
    In second grade, students learn a variety of different writing crafts including poetry, letter writing, procedure writing, non-fiction writing, and personal narratives.

  • Mathematics
    We use the district’s adopted math curriculum, Every Day Math. This curriculum “recognizes and builds on children’s capabilities by expanding the range of their mathematics experiences and ideas” (Everyday Mathematics, Everyday Learning Corporation). Please read the parent letter which introduces Every Day Mathematics. And be sure to read the family letter at the beginning of each unit, which gives tips and ideas for helping your child with math concepts and homework, called “Home Links”.