How Students are identified for Services

  • How are students identified for Gifted Services?

    In the past, students were identified for Gifted Services in the St. Paul district in one of three ways:

    1. Through the CogAT 7: Most students are identified for Gifted Services by their high scores on the Cognitive Abilities Test. This standardized test is administered each year in November/December to all kindergarten and second graders in all St Paul Schools. Students in grades 1, 3, 4, and 5 may be nominated by their parents or teachers to take this test.  Once a student is identified for Gifted Services, they are always eligible for services in St Paul Public Schools, no matter which school they attend.
    1. PORTFOLIO: Sometimes students who do not perform well on the assessment show high learning performance or potential in other areas. Parents and teachers may work with the Gifted Services Contact to create a portfolio that shows the individual strengths of the student. Portfolios are reviewed each spring by a committee of experts.  
    1. INFORMAL RECOMMENDATION: Sometimes teachers, parents, or students themselves recommend learners for particular areas of study. Perhaps a student has a strong interest in poetry or a noticeable talent in math. Data from other assessments is also used to identify students with academic talents.  These students can also be referred to the Gifted Services Contact for services.