Board Members

  • President
    Brooke Ust

    The President is responsible for the overall leadership of the PTO and serves as the primary liaison to the Principal. The President sets the agenda for the meetings in consultation with the Principal, event coordinators, and parents, and solicits input from others who are playing a role in the PTO initiatives.

    Estimated hours per month - 10

    Vice President
    Julie Small

    The Vice President shares the responsibilities of the President and serves as the acting President at any time when the President is not available. In the event that the President leaves the position, the Vice President will step in and become the President. The Vice President is responsible for managing all aspects of the organization with the other Board Officers. The President and Vice President will consult on all major decisions and share responsibili-ties for communications between the PTO, Principal, Parents, and Community.

    Estimated hours per month - 8

    Lisa Preston and Carrie Peltier

    The Treasurer serves on the Board of Officers and thus has a role in the overall management of the organiza-tion. The Treasurer must work with the other officers to create an annual budget that is ratified by the PTO. The Treasurer is responsible for conducting all financial transactions for the PTO, recording those transactions, and en-suring that all monthly reports are provided accurately to the Board.

    Estimated hours per month - 5

    Position Open

    The Secretary serves on the Board of Officers and is thus responsible for assisting in the overall management and decision making of the organization. Specific duties include taking minutes of all official meetings, ensuring proper documents are stored and made available as necessary, and recording official business of the PTO.

    Estimated hours per month - 5