Features of our School

  • Looped Classrooms

    • Educators have two years to work with students, families and develop lasting partnerships.
    • Classroom community builds over time, each year returning students pass on routines, traditions & folklore.
    • Offers open-ended academically engaging classroom environment.

    Current grade level configurations:

    • Pre-Kindergarten - 4 year old program
    • Kindergarten - Single grade level with educator
    • First and Second Grade - 2 year loop with educator
    • Third and Fourth Grade -  2 year loop with educator
    • Fifth Grade - leadership year

    Mutliple Intelligences - How are you smart?

    • Logical/Mathematical
    • Verbal/Linguistic
    • Visual/Spatial
    • Bodily-Kinesthetic
    • Musical/Rhythm
    • Intrapersonal/Interpersponal
    • Naturalistic

    Gifted and Talented Program

    • Differentiated curriculum based upon learners needs and interests.
    • Offering enrichment activities during and after the school day.
    • Meeting learner's needs through accelerated math.
    • Interdisciplinary problem solving curriculum taught in grades k - 6.
    • Collaboration between classroom teachers and gifted and talented specialist.

    Responsive Classroom - 6 Key Components

    • Morning meeting
    • Guided discovery
    • Academic choice
    • Assessment and reporting
    • Classroom organization
    • Rules and logical consequences

    Theme Based Learning

    • Themes are selected by educators based upon current state standards.
    • Supports learning through multiple intelligences.

    Resource Specialists

    • Art/Humanities
    • Science
    • After school music
    • Physical education
    • Technology

    Gifted and Talented Services

    • To provide problem solving and critical thinking opportunities to all students
    • To offer enrichment activities during the school day.
    • To collaborate with classroom educators.