What Do Current EXPO Kindergarten Families Say About Our Program?

  • The Phinney Family:
    "I am so pleased that my kindergartner loves to go to school! I have seen Expo's influence on his emotional, social, and academic growth. Some examples: 1.) He recently gave me a Lego project to work on and told me, "just do your personal best!" (he learned those words at school). 2.) His teacher helped him work through a conflict with a classmate when I was at a loss for how to handle it. 3.) He is reading and very proud of himself for that. 4.) I am blown away by the fact that he is learning about quadrilaterals and Venn diagrams in kindergarten! We are very happy to have our son at Expo."

    The Carufel Family:
    "When we talked to the members of the Expo staff at the school fair, we were impressed with their organization and knowledge. Then touring the school, everyone; teachers and students, all seemed happy and smiling. I'm happy to say after 100 days into my daughter's first year of kindergarten, I have seen her learn so much more than I could have expected. She can read and do math and has been on many mind expanding field trips. There is a comfortable atmosphere for both parents and children, which I think helps the learning process. We couldn't be happier with our experiences at Expo."

    The Bernards Family:
    "Our son loves going to school at Expo. He enjoys the variety of activities and ideas he gets in the classroom. The teachers know their students and children in other classrooms by name and are constantly receiving hugs from students they've had in years past. There is a love of learning that permeates Expo and a sense that teachers revel in the students' accomplishments. The pride they take in developing our children is evident."

    The Hackett/Brown Family:
    "When my husband and I first visited Expo, we were immediately struck by the vibrant artwork on the walls, the lively student body, and the enthusiastic teachers who were eager to show what their students were working on. There seemed to be a real sense of pride in the school. Now that our son is in kindergarten, we appreciate the open atmosphere. The children work together under the guidance of many dedicated teachers and with the support of their families, welcoming as many perspectives into the classroom as possible. Our son has become very enthusiastic about counting and sounding out words, not to mention, computer skills, artwork, music, and much, MUCH, more! He's forming really wonderful friendships and seems to be proud of his Expo community."

    The Stern/Luke Family:
    "Our 5 1/2 year old loves his teacher. I ask him why:"Because we solve math problems and create stuff in the writing center!" We agree that she is great: helpful, respectful, creative and firm, exactly what he needs to learn. He loves going to school, and we enjoyed going with him to dances and other events there.

    We like Expo's emphasis on community-building and it's multidisciplinary approach. We thought it was a good place for learning when we first visited; now we can attest that the high morale and engaged students are for real!"

    The Booth Family:
    "Once again, we have found that the Expo Garden of Children provides more than just an educational experience. The focus on and messages about cooperation, building friendships, and caring for the kindergarten community teaches young, growing minds how to be responsible and healthy members of their kindergarten class. In addition, we have found the emphasis on life skills needed to function as part of a group blends seamlessly with the structure of the day-be that academics, problem solving, or group activities. Finally, we highly value the ability of Expo to provide a high degree of freedom while still maintaining an emphasis on safety, structure, personal responsibility, and discipline. We couldn't be happier."