Flight Simulator Lab

Sim Lab
  • Students at Farnsworth Aerospace have high expectations for each other.

    With our state-of-the-art flight simulators, those expectations feel real. At 2,000 feet, there are no excuses, their team is depending on them.

    We are testing a comprehensive skill set with life-like consequences. We are prepared because we have spent years in the classroom studying the math and science that it takes to understand aerodynamics and the principles of flight.

    • We can follow complex procedures.
    • We have been through ground school so we understand the nomenclature so we know how to communicate precisely with our teammates.
    • We can decode weather information and interpret the instruments.
    • We have filed our flight plan and have a healthy respect for the rules of flight.
    • Most importantly we have confidence; we can do this!


     In 2021 the flight sim labs at Farnsworth Aerospace 5-8 was fully updated with virtual reality flim simulator systems:


    Farnsworth Aerospace PreK-4 also received updated flight simulators in September 2021. Our 4th grade students work on taking off, flying, landing and finding landmarks during their flight sims class. 

    4th Grade Students Flight Sims Class        Flight Sim Lab