Field Trips

Field trips
  • At Farnsworth we are known for taking giant leaps. Our kids travel to the source of their inspiration, it's the only way to get the whole story.

    We believe that the earlier a student experiences applied math and science the more interest they take in those subjects their whole life. Travel opens their minds to the possibilities of what an education can bring to their life. It expands their imagination and builds confidence as they engage in hands-on problem solving and teamwork with their peers.

    Naturally we have high standards to qualify for these out-of-this-world field trips. Exemplary behavior in class and all assignments completed are two of the main criteria. Cost is never a barrier at Farnsworth either. These trips are an incentive to do well and an opportunity to expand your child's horizons.

    Our Aerospace field experiences begin in 2nd Grade:

    Second & Third Grades (*One parent must accompany their child)

    • Strategic Air & Space Museum Camp-In overnight – Omaha, Nebraska
    • Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas
    • or Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida

    Fourth Grade

    • Aviation Camp – Oshkosh, Wisconsin

    Fifth Grade

    • Challenger Learning Center, Aviation Learning Center, Museum of Flight, Boeing Tour – Seattle, Washington
    • STARBASE - St. Paul, Minnesota

    Sixth Grade

    • Space Camp – 1 week program Huntsville, Alabama

    Seventh Grade

    • Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Udvar-Hazy Museum, Capitol, many other National Museums in Washington D.C.

    Eighth Grade

    • Space Academy, Aviation Challenge Mach II – 1 week program Huntsville, Alabama

    Other extended trips have included:

    • NASA Glenn Research Center – Ohio
    • NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory- California
    • Spaceport US  New Mexico, University of North Dakota & NDSU, Embry – Riddle University – FL, Aviation High School – NY, Challenger Learning Center – IL