Ms. Jenny

Phone: 651-293-8915


Degrees and Certifications:

BA - Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Bethel University

Ms. Jenny

Jenny has been teaching at Dayton's Bluff Elementary since 2015. She loves to watch prekindergarteners grow and learn from the beginning of the year to the end. She had taught 2nd Grade, Kindergarten, and PreK at Dayton's Bluff.

She loves being outside and finding time to explore nature!  Her favorite activities in the summer are camping and hiking. During the school year she also finds time to be outside and encourages hre students to do the same!

She grew up in Wisconsin, but has lived in Minnesota since college. She currently live in St Paul and loves being close to her school community.

Jenny is dedicated to watching each student succeed and loves starting everyday fresh and new.


Literacy Corner

  • Rhyming

    Words that sound the same at the end.  “Cat, hat these two rhyme.  Cat, hat these two rhyme.  Cat, hat these two rhyme.  They sound the same at the end!”

    There are so many books filled with rhyming words, especially Dr. Seuss words.  While reading with your child see what rhyming words you can find.  While in the car, waiting somewhere, or walking through a store make up silly words that sound the same at the end (use your child’s name to start).  Elephant, smelephant, welephant, kmelephant – They don’t have to be real words!


Math Corner

  • Counting

    Practice counting aloud to 30.  Too hard?  Start with counting to 5 and keep building up as your child is ready.  When you should you count?  Whenever you have a chance!  Count while washing your hands, count while waiting for the bus, count how many steps going up, count how many steps going down, count how many houses, count how many cars. 

    When your child is ready count backwards from 10.  Again start small, we count backwards from 5 a lot in class while waiting for everyone to settle down! 

    Need more help – check out this counting and number playlist on YouTube.


Daily Schedule

  • Morning Class

    7:15am Arrival/Ease into the Day

    7:30am Breakfast

    8:00am Morning Meeting

    8:15am Small Group

    8:30am Active Learning

    9:40am Regroup to Revisit

    10:00am Dismissal


    Afternoon Class

    11:30am Arrival/Ease into the Day

    11:40am Afternoon Meeting

    11:55am Lunch

    12:30pm Small Group

    12:45pm Active Learning

    1:30pm Regroup to Revisit

    1:50pm Dismissal