David Barrett Bio

  • David Barrett Bio

    I am now teaching my 30th year in Saint Paul. I have been mostly a science teacher over the course of my career. I have been a traditional teacher in grades 5 & 6, a science specialist at a Math/Science & Technology Magnet, an Education Director at Belwin for 9 years and now I teach all about aerospace and engineering to grades 5-8.

    Brain-based research tells us that students don’t learn primarily through their eyes or ears but by actually they learn long term ( for longer periods of time) by doing and speaking.  A chinese proverb we might have heard states: “Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.” I chose to teach Projet Lead the Way (PLTW) because the curriculum was set up to match my educational beliefs.  I find this to be very empowering curriculum and strongly believe that students do have long term memory of the concepts taught in these classes.

    I have been married nearly as long as I have been teaching and am a father of 4. My family life is so very important to me. I love to be with them in nature, hiking, biking and being near water. My wife and I are planning on doing some long hikes in the US and Spain. We also have dogs and cats. I ski with my dog Kody (skijoring), and I can be seen skiing at the Phalen golf course.